Diet Hack: 5 Hunger Fighting Foods For Weight Loss

Looking to load up on fibre and protein to shed some weight? Here are the 5 ultimate filling foods to keep you satisfied and energized all day long! 1) Baked Potatoes Potatoes have long been labeled as something to fear when it comes to dieting, but this shouldn't be the case. A baked potato can leave you fuelled and filled up for hours. These super spuds are also vitamin-rich with fibre, potassium and niacin. 2) Greek Yogurt Studies have proven yogurt to be the greatest food for weight loss - hands down. There is lots of protein in Greek yogurt to aid muscle development, and when topped with a fibrous fruit like raspberries you can stay full even longer! 3) Oatmeal A force of fibre! Oatmeal is a great pre-workout snack, and is highly versatile. Try topping it with fruit or almonds for added omega-3s and fibre. Oats keep your blood pressure stable so you won't crash and crave junk food. 4) Smoothies As long as you're not turning your smoothie into a milkshake, these blended drinks make great meal replacements. Fill them with bananas, protein powder and greens like spinach and kale. 5) Eggs Eggs can actually prevent you from binging on high-calorie foods, while giving your body essential amino acids it needs for proper nutrition. They are natural appetite suppressors and energizers. What are your favourite foods to help stay full and fuelled? Share them with us! Source: TIME  

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