Diet Hack: Beat Hunger After Breakfast and Lose Weight!

Every morning I wake up and make myself a what I thought was a nice breakfast. But by mid-morning I feel like I could eat the whole thing over again. So, I looked into the causes of these cravings and how to hack them to achieve weight loss goals. Hack #1 - Don't mistake other symptoms for hunger Feeling groggy, irritated or like you could take a nap is not always a signal that you need to eat something. Often times it could be because of what you ate (a high sugar or caffeine intake in the morning can cause a drop in blood sugar later on) and how much shut-eye you got. Hack #2 - Don't overload on sugar  Not only can sugar make you moody or sleepy later in the morning, it can also cause you to "crash and crave". You experience a sugar crash, and then crave more sugar to lift your mood and your energy level back up. So ease up on sugary waffles, sugar coated berries and sweet granola. Hack #3 - Make your breakfast better  Filling up right can mean you fill up for longer. Avocados are a great breakfast addiction because they are loaded with good-for-you fats and highly satiating. You can also try oatmeal with flax or chia seeds, a banana smoothie or eggs which will provide you protein and energy. Try these 3 hacks and tell us your results! What are your favourite filling breakfasts?  

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