Diet Hack: How to Eat Clean and Healthy When Dining Out

It sounds like a difficult task - sticking with your clean, healthy diet while being faced with the barrage of possibilities that dining out brings. If you stick to these four golden rules, you'll find that dining out on a clean diet is actually much easier and more enjoyable then you think!

Rule #1: Do Your Homework

Studies show that we feel peer pressure to order dishes which are similar to what others order when at a restaurant. The trick is to research the menu of that restaurant online before going out, so you know what it entails, what are the healthy choices and exactly what you're going to have. That way, no matter how many people in your dinner crew order the steak and potatoes, you're already confident that the roasted salmon and bok choy is right for you.

Rule #2: Start With Salad

Salad will not only help fill you with healthy veggies, but it is psychologically proven to keep your brain focused on providing your body with nutrients. You will be less inclined to splurge on something greasy, fatty or overly cheesy after a salad starter.

Rule #3: Have One Indulgence

Pick only one special treat to have with your meal. It may be fries as a side to your healthy veggie burger or a glass of wine with your broccoli and chicken whole-wheat pizza. Avoid binging on a big cheat meal, and add little cheats into an overall healthy meal.

Rule #4: Get Back to Basics

Steer clear of ingredient loaded menu items and pick ones that you know are simple. This will prevent you from accidentally eating added calories. Instead of elaborate pasta creations, keep it basic with simple salads, or meat with only one topping (like a steak topped with blue cheese).

Let us know what your tips are for maintaining a healthy and clean diet while dining out!


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