My Diet Plans ...

Hi Everyone, I keep getting asked on my Facebook where you can find an example of my daily meal intake can be found. So I have searched through all the folders & pulled out a Diet Plan to make life a bit easier for you. I will continue to post food recipe's as time goes on & share videos of my meals, post & pre workout etc. If you have any questions I will try to answer them however the main thing I can tell you is to stick to a clean as possible diet with small portion sizes, lean protein. Drink plenty of water & try to not snack on Junk food. It's not rocket science, it just take determination & constancy - even if you have to eat the same things :/ thats just what ya gotta' do to make those changes. Note: Add weight that pushes you when working out, don't be afraid to lift, even if you go slower you will see noticeable improvements in all areas if you lift more. You will continue to burn calories & fat throughout the day as a result of this effort. Love Always L xx [gallery columns="1" ids="|"]   Examples of a 300 Calorie Meal - Here    

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