Diet Tip & Rules #1

Hi BodyRockers,

Heres a few tips and rules to help you reach your goals. Diet is the key to losing weight so check your diet and eating patterns.

Tips & Rules:

1. Even if you’ve committed to crushing your BodyRock workouts with the dedication of a Spartan warrior, you may still be having trouble shedding some weight. This is most likely for one of two reasons:

1. Eating too much. Some people over estimate how many calories they are actually burning during their workouts and daily life. The result is eating more calories than necessary.

2. Eating too little. If your body isn’t getting enough nutrients, it thinks its starving and starts storing fat.

Let’s kick-start your challenge by instilling these basic rules:




Hydrate with water:

No soda, no juices, no artificial sweetened water flavouring. The only thing that counts as water is (you guessed it!) water. You can drink tea and coffee, but ditch the sweetener unless it is stevia. Milk or milk alternatives are OK, but no cream.

Small, Frequent Meals:

Our metabolisms work most effectively when we eat 5 – 6 small meals per day. Small meals is key. You want to keep your meals between 300-500 calories

Love Lean:

Our meal plan is packed with lean and clean cuts of meat. You’ll want to stick to lean eating if you want to see the pounds melt away.

Don’t Fear Carbs:

Carbs have got a bad rap, but you need them if you want to be able to function, let alone workout. Just steer clear of refined carbohydrates. We want you to enjoy your carbs in the form of whole grains, fruits and vegetables.

Royalty Rule:

You’ve probably heard it before: Eat like a King at breakfast, a Prince at lunch and a pauper at dinner. While we want you eating more frequently than three times a day, we do want you to adopt the basic principle of the royalty rule: Eat your higher calorie, higher carb meals earlier in the day, and eat light at night. After all, you don’t need as much energy in the evening.

Favour Fat:

Healthy fats, of course. Avocado, un roasted nuts, fish oils, are all foods that are higher in fat, but they’re also good for you. Avoid cream, butter and deep fried foods.

Sip Alcohol Sparingly:

There is nothing wrong with enjoying an alcoholic beverage or two occasionally, and in moderation. However, for the duration of the challenge, put a cork in it. Save your calories for nutritionally dense sustenance.

Sleep Well:

Poor sleep leads to poor food choices, and we want you to embrace this challenge! Make sure you get a good night sleep every night. Aim for 8 hours, and remember, every hour of sleep you get before midnight is worth 2 after, so PVR your favourite late night shows and get some shut eye.

diet tips

YES – the RULES. They’re easy to follow:

Rule 1 – Calorie Requirements

Naturally, one meal plan won’t work for everyone. You’ll need to determine your calorie requirements based on gender, age and lifestyle. We’ve made our meal plans versatile enough to meet the needs of men and women of all ages from all walks of life. Our base meal plan comes in at around 1,800 calories. We’ve also designed a 1,500 calorie plan, which works within the same framework as the 1,800 calorie plan, but allows you to make adjustments during the first couple meals of the day that will lower your calories. If the meal has a lower calorie option, you’ll see it indicated within the recipe.

Rule 2 - Your day is going to be divided up into 5 – 6 distinct meals:


Your morning meal. Your biggest meal. To be eaten within one hour of waking up. Lower calorie modification available.


Your mid-morning meal. Lower calorie modification available.


Your midday meal. No low calorie modification.


Your mid-afternoon meal. Always veggies. No low calorie modification.


Your evening meal. Protein and veggies. No low calorie modification.


Either another meal option from meals 4 or 5, or a protein shake. Pick a shake of your choice, but steer clear of shakes with sugars (anything ending in ‘ose’) or artificial sweeteners.

Rule 3 – The 6th Meal

You will only eat the 6th meal if you are 200 lbs or more. Otherwise, stick with your five meals. So how do you know what plan is best for you? Simple. The 1,800 calorie plan is for you if... You weigh 150-200+ lbs and want to lose weight.
The 1,500 calorie plan is for you if... You weigh 150 lbs or less and want to lose weight.

Rule 4 – Meal Segmentation

Meals 1- 5 each have five different meal options to choose from and you must choose from meals within that meal segment. Your earliest meal will have the most carbs and calories. As the day goes on and your energy requirements become less, your meals also become incrementally smaller. You don’t want to be eating a high carb breakfast meal right before bed. We know not every meal will appeal to you, and you don’t have to try them all, but stay within your groupings.

Rule 5 – Starches

Unless a meal specifies a starch, limit your additional starch intake to three times per week if you’re looking for optimal weight loss.

Have You Taken The BodyRock 7-Day Clean Eating Challenge?

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