4 Steps to Better Digestive Health

Feeling agitated after a meal? Having trouble beating the bloat? It happens to us all, but you can improve your digestion with a few simple tips. Read on to get on your way to better digestive health. 1) In an effort to eat less, many people pound back the water at mealtimes to feel more full - however, this can actually hinder your digestion by decreasing your digestive enzymes. This isn’t to say you should stay hydrated - by all means, we insist on it - but limit your meal time drinking to sips of a warm beverage for optimal digestive health. 2) Chill out while you chow down. Stress and meal times don’t mix. Try taking a few deep breaths before you dig in. 3) Don’t eat your heavy meals at night. As the day progresses, your digestive system winds down and more food is apt to stay in your digestive tract. 4) Chew your food! We’re not Great White Sharks here. If you feel your eyes rolling back in your head and the need to mindlessly devour your meal, you need to take a little time out. Mastication (the act of chewing) is the first part of the digestive process. You want to chew your food until it is almost liquefied. Put your utensils down. Chew slowly. This will also help you recognize fullness earlier and help prevent you from overeating.

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