Dining Habits that Will Guarantee Weight Loss

I love food, and the bit of belly chub I'm still trying to get rid of proves it! I'm a passionate chef, and I love trying new things, mixes, flavors, and combinations (wait until you try my buffalo chicken breast wraps!) to create the perfect meals. Unfortunately, I think I enjoy the meals too much, so I've had to make changes to my eating habits so I could lose weight. However, I didn't just make changes to my food habits, but also to the way I ate:
  • Downsizing silverware -- Small spoons anger me, as I have a big appetite that just can't be fed with the little spoon. However, using a smaller spoon forces me to eat smaller bites, which helps me to eat more slowly - ergo eating less. [caption id="attachment_8020" align="alignleft" width="382"]1295256075-329 Well, maybe not that small of a spoon...[/caption]
  • Start with salad -- I'm not a salad guy, but it's the smart play if you're trying to cut back on your eating. Thankfully, a good salad can have tasty things (think corn, pickles, tomatoes), and it helps me eat fewer carbs.
  • Downsizing plates -- Eating on a saucer is actually one of the best changes I've made to my habits. When it's time for a pasta meal, I can serve myself two or three plates of food - and still eat fewer calories than I'd eat with a large serving on a 12" dinner plate.
  • The counting game -- Try counting to 30 between swallowing your last bite and taking the next one. Not only does it free your mouth up for some sterling dinner conversation, but it stops you from gobbling down your food (a bad habit I have).
  • Take a sip -- There's a lot of discussion and controversy about drinking water while eating, but it's never harmed me. It actually helps to fill me up, and I end up eating less. I would drink a whole cup of water between each slice of pizza, or take a large gulp after each bite of meat or pasta. It's quite effective for cutting your food intake!
  • Be a gentleman -- Not too long ago, I wrote a silly post on how being an 18th century gentleman can help you lose weight, but having good manners is a good way to cut food intake. Eating small, delicate bites means you'll eat less, and you'll burn a few calories every time you stand up when a lady leaves or arrives at the table.
  • Eat only when all are served -- Yes, that food piled on your plate does look too good to let cool off, but waiting until everyone is served helps you to practice control - the key ingredient in dieting. If you can stop yourself from digging in until everyone has their food, you'll be better able to stop yourself from overeating as well!
  • Don't allow distractions -- Watching TV as a family can be fun, but it's distracting and takes your mind off the fact you're shoveling calories into your mouth. Turn off the TV, and instead focus on conversation - keeping your mind on the food you're eating.
All of these things are good manners, and yet you'll end up eating far less food. Trust me, it works!

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