Discovering Your Life Purpose

Hi, my name is Lindsay. I have a confession to make. I live a double-life. It's no secret to those who know me, but my disguise is often foiled by my vascular forearms on display in my scrub shirts. By day, I work as a registered nurse in paediatrics caring for children undergoing or recovering from surgery; by night I lift and put myself through what most would consider medieval physical torture. Both of my worlds seem so polar opposite, yet one thing is the same: I am incredibly passionate about both. Nursing has to be one of the most rewarding and challenging careers. I have my days where I think "can I do this?" and most days I leave work feeling glad that I showed up. It's a job where your presence matters. Aside from the vast knowledge base required, it is a job where your emotional investment affects the quality of your care. And no matter the field of nursing: geriatrics, public health, labour and delivery, emergency- the centre of your purpose is promoting health to the population. Here's a little bit about my passion for fitness. A long time athlete for the better part of my life, I began my journey in fitness competitions in the winter of 2009. By this time I had already been practicing nursing almost a year- and it became apparent that my life was going to get very busy. I had to figure out how I was going to fit my workouts into my shift work schedule, how I was going ensure I'd get all my meals in, the right foods, posing practice, tanning and the list goes on! I ended up doing very well, placing 2nd in my first figure show. And I was hooked. I didn't receive awards of monetary value, or a plethora of prizes making me want to do it again, and again: it was the thrill of the challenge. I just conquered a fear that not many could endure - and that excited me. I was working full time, 12-hour day and night shifts and I made it to 'show day', exceeding my expectations. Looking back, I realize much of my success had to do with how invested I was in the preparation of my first competition. And the passion only grew. Lindsay-Feb2015 (47 of 69) From the outside looking in, both my passions involve great mental and physical strength. Pursuing both simultaneously has been tiring at times, but incredibly rewarding. I like that it's difficult. I am certain that if it were easy, I would have lost interest long ago. As crazy as my schedule can be, I feel both bring an element of balance into my life. I love my job and career as a nurse - but I can't be all about my job. My fitness is for me. No one can take away the self-gratification I feel after each and every workout. I once sat down with a girlfriend of mine as we discussed our 'life purpose' - our own mission statement if you will. My life purpose is to promote health and wellness by not only caring for those in the hospital setting, but exemplifying what it is to consistently live a balanced, healthy lifestyle. This was an invaluable exercise as it finally gave me the missing link to my two loves in life. I encourage others to do the same. Lead by example, live passionately, and act with intention :)    

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