Dismissing Hype And Get Excited About Things That Are Real

Recently I have experienced people come out of the wood work like they were my best friends for the past 20 years. Regurgitating stories about being kids or reminiscing about a laugh or two we had together to find some ground of familiarity. I'm not talking about the people asking about fitness or messaging me out of kindness. I'm talking about those people that used to be acquaintances at best and now all of a sudden want to be best friends. Don't get me wrong the best friendships are not the from the people that you have known the longest.  They are the people that walk into your life and said "I'm here for you" and proved it.  My friend was talking to me about this just a few days ago.  A new friend yes, however I trust this person whole heartidly 100% because there insight is not spoon fed it's genuine.

I don't get caught up in hype - I actually dismiss it. The things I get excited about are things that are real and actually touch my heart. Hype in most cases is just a "flash in the pan" later followed by disappointment. These people that come out of the wood work have alternative motives and are usually "hot flashes" and eventually fall by the waiste side.

Holding strong values is important to me. I am in touch with them and some of the things I value are honesty, integrity, loyalty, happiness, and family just to name a few. These values are on the top of my list because this is what was ingrained in me growing up.

If I can wish anything for you guys is love your inner circle and don't let "hot flashes" derail you.



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