If Disney Princesses Actually Had Realistic Waist-To-Hip Ratios

I'm so used to accepting what I see on TV as the norm that I didn't realize until I looked at the pictures below that even children's movies have a part in society's warped sense of realistic body ideals. Artist Loryn Brantz recently published a set of photos featuring Disney's most famous princesses with a slight adjustment- a waist adjustment, that is. Ariel1 Look, Ariel finally has a backbone! Belle1 And Belle looks like she can breathe and isn't desperately holding in that gigantic meal she was served earlier! Pocahontas1 Pocahontas is rocking a more athletic body frame... Jasmine1 And at last, Jasmine's waist isn't smaller than her head. Elsa1 Oh, good, Elsa seems to have found a few of her ribs.
  How refreshing would it be if this is what we actually saw at the movies and not the Disney body ratio that we've all come to know and accept?

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