Disney Princesses Shouldn't Settle

The guys at AVbyte bring us another musical, this time featuring the Disney princesses. I love this song. Growing up in the 90s and having the Disney Princesses as a backdrop for my childhood makes me appreciate pretty much any cool twist on the Disney Princess universe, whether its historically accurate outfit designs, texts from Disney princesses, and now this. It’s also really catchy, which never hurts. disneyp1 This parody song comes at a great time, especially with the buzz about Frozen having a lock for the Oscar’s best original song with “Let It Go”. Having two strong female protagonists is one of the elements that set Frozen apart from past Disney films, and with this becoming more of a trend (Brave as another great example of an independent female protagonist) its great that this generation of girls will have some excellent role models. disneyFrozen-Movie-Anna-Elsa   Disneybrave_merida_arrow_contest   disneymulan4 It makes me think of my mother’s frustration when I refused to hear her changed endings of my beloved fairy tale stories. I was obsessed with Sleeping Beauty and would not hear my mother’s ludicrous tales of Aurora waking herself up and then going on to become a lawyer. disneyp3 Also, for those of you who haven’t read the original versions of fairytales I LOVE the subtle exchange between Ariel and Sleeping Beauty. “All happy endings never go wrong. ‘Cept when they do, sadly that’s true, who knew”. Their original fairy tales ended with rape and death – surprisingly these versions did not make it into the animated films.

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