Why I Ditched the Scale

I have said good-bye to the scale. Over the last two months, I have been working out DAILY to build my butt and tone my thighs and, naturally, the scale went up... yet, I was looking leaner than ever! This is all due to the old-school fact that muscle does weigh more than fat. The truth is, I am in the best shape of my life-despite WHAT the scale tells me. I started out tipping the scale.. and weighing more than I should for my height. Then, I lost too much weight anwd started obsessing over how low I could get that number. Then, I said "Fuck it" and started relying on the way I looked rather than what a machine told me. 2014-10-02 But, why are so many freaking ladies (and some gents) freaking out over what this stupid scale tells you?? What is your "happy weight?" This got me wondering... why don't I just go by the way my clothes feel and how I physically look instead of relying on this stupid piece of man-made metal that showcases a variety of numbers. Besides, all scales are so different, who's to say which one is wrong and which one is right? How confusing! Once upon a time ago, I craved seeing that number go lower, and lower, and lower... until.. I became obsessed with it. This developed a negative self impact on my self esteem and body dysmorphia. Nowadays, I usually weigh myself maybe once every two weeks or so, if I even remember.  But how many times has this thought ran through your mind: "If only I could lose just 5 more pounds..." I am guilty! Everyone has their own fitness goals that are very personal to them. Everyone also has their own "happy weight."  To me, happy weight is defined at the point in which you are happy, feel great, and are content with how you look, feel, and present yourself.  Being a size 00 won't bring you happiness-trust me-I have been there. It is no fun.  Do I believe the scale can be a good thing? Absolutely! For overweight and obese people, sure, scales are important to keep track of your weight loss. During pregnancy, absolutely, scales are important to keep track of weight gain. But, you do not have to obsess over that magical number.  IMG_3464 Instead, do this:
  • Measure your body in inches using measuring tape.
  • Take progress photos documenting your weight loss such as before and after shots.
  • Pay attention to how your clothes fit.
  • Pay attention to how YOU feel.
Bottom line: 
Love yourself enough to stop stressing over the stupid number on that scale.
If you are eating clean and working out and doing all of the right things, then you have nothing to worry about!
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