DIY Bra Converter For Low Back Dresses

Christmas season is approaching, and with it is the chance to wear several glorious low-back dresses. And one really cute long sleeved super low back forest green shirt. Originally found on What You’ll Need:
  • Elastic
  • Bra hook and eye parts
  • Needle and thread (or sewing machine)
braconverter Directions:
  1. You can buy the bra hook and eye parts separately, or just snip off the clasps from an old bra, making sure to leave enough "band" on to attach to the elastic. Generally bra clasps are universally sized, but test out the clasps on the bra you plan on wearing just to be sure.
  2. Sew one clasp to the end of an elastic band, making sure it’s firmly attached.
  3. Clasp it on one end of your bra, and wrap around your tummy to measure the length you need, tight because it is elastic after all and will have a bit of give, but not so tight that it’s uncomfortable.
  4. Cut the elastic to the proper length, then sew on the other clasp. Presto – low-back dressed solution.

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