DIY Easy Workout Headband 3 Ways

I’ve been trying to grow out my bangs, but in the meantime I have these sprouts of hair that, no matter how high the ponytail, will just not stay in a bun. I’ve tried pinning, which kind of works, and I have a few lulu headbands that I try to use, but, embarrassingly, my head is abnormally small, and they generally just slip off, especially in yoga. My sister has knit hats that are specifically my size (and mittens, I have weird baby hands too, okay? Don’t make fun) so, why not make my own headbands? It beats having a terrible smack of wet hair in my eye during down-dog.

1. Straight-up:


  • Measure a piece of fabric 12” by 20” (or just measure the circumference of your head, and subtract 3, for the second measurement, if you want it to be more exact). Cotton works well, really any fabric with a little stretch in it.
  • (You could skip this step measuring 8” width to start with, if you don’t mind rough edges, but I do, so…) Fold the fabric in half, with the outside facing in, so that your 12” becomes 6”, and sew along the edge, leaving a quarter inch seam. Then turn it right-side out.
  • Take a 1” section of the fabric on each side of an end and fold it about a ½” in towards the middle. Pin it and repeat on the other end, then pin the ends firmly together. Sew the two ends together, then turn it inside out, hiding the stitch.  (It’s hopefully much clearer in the photos what I mean)



2. Knotted:


  • Do steps 1 and 2
  • Tie a knot in the middle of your fabric
  • Continue on to step 3


3. Twisted:


  • Do steps 1 and 2
  • Make a single twist in the fabric
  • Continue on to step 3


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I make an appearance

I make an appearance[/caption]

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