DIY: Face Masks For Your Skin Type

  The debate on whether sunscreen is good or bad for your health is ongoing. There are still plenty of products on the shelves that contain ingredients that may (or may not) increase cancer risk. But what about other skin products? When every moisturizer and cleanser contain ten "medical" ingredients that you can't even pronounce, how do you know what's safe? Who knows what the next study will reveal? Take care of your face the natural way with homemade face masks that match your skin type and help maintain glowing skin without the chemicals. DIY face masks are fresh, easy and economical. Here are six masks that can bring your skin from haggard to healthy: imageAvocado Mask: Combination Skin Avocado is great for all skin types which is why it is so often used in masks you see in stores. It is rich in antioxidants which protect the skin from environmental damage and premature aging. The vitamin C lends firmness and collagen to your skin, while the fatty acids leave skin soft and moisturized but not oily. You really can't go wrong with an avocado mask.   imageBanana Mask: Dry or Rough Skin Banana is great for dry or rough skin. The potassium hydrates and moisturizes while the vitamins A and E help heal scars and dark spots. The amino acids also increase elasticity and help you look refreshed. Find a recipe for a banana face mask at   imageOatmeal Mask: Acne-Prone Skin This mask can help with multiple skin conditions, including acne, eczema and rosacea. Oatmeal can work as an exfoliant in the mask to remove dead skin and therefore reduce your chances of a breakout. It also contains betaglucan which acts as a natural moisturizer but wont leave your skin oily.   imagePumpkin Mask: Dull Skin A pumpkin mask can turn dull, tired looking skin brighter. Fruit enzymes and alphahydroxy acids brighten and sooth the skin by rejuvenating skin cells, while the vitamin A and C boost collagen formation to reduce the look of wrinkles. If you want to look young, refreshed and healthy, this is the season to do it. Find a great DIY recipe on Primally Inspired.   imageCoffee Mask: Dark Circles Coffee doesn't just make you feel awake in the morning, it can make you look awake too. According to dermatologists, caffeine constricts blood vessels making dark circles look less intense. It can also reduce puffiness. This recipe from combines the ingredient with aloe and vitamin E to maximize benefits.   image Green Tea and Aloe Mask: Oily Skin For oily skin, use this green tea and aloe mask to bring down the moisture. Aloe unclogs your pores and removes dead skin to prevent oil build up. The green tea in the mask offers a load of other benefits to your skin, including reduced inflammation and reduced sun damage. Use this mask twice a week for optimal results, as over-use can result in dryness.   Research:    

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