DIY Home Remedy #1: Foot Odor and Vodka

Vodka is not only my spirit of choice (if you are going to have a drink, the clear liquors are the best way to go as they have less sugar) but also something that can deter stinky feet. Being in a fitness community this has happened to all of us – sweaty smelly feet from: -          Forgetting socks at the gym -          Using an old pair of runners -          Plastic shoes (versus leather) as they restrict air flow -          Genetics stinkyfeet2

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  So instead of febreezing the crap out of them, next time you have this problem walk over to your liquor cabinet and grab that 26er of vodka and pour a little on your washcloth and give your feet a rub down.   Why does this work? The alcohol content in vodka is an antiseptic as well as dries your feet. This in turn kills bad bacteria and fungus. The drying effect decreases the amount of moister which is usually a perfect environment for the bacteria to grow in. Vodka

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Some other fun vodka uses:   1)      Mouthwash – have a bad case of halitosis; mix 9 tbsp of cinnamon with one cup vodka for a DIY mouthwash cure (store in an airtight container). Swish around with warm water for amazing breath. I don’t suggest swallowing this though 2)      Freshens your Laundry, house and furniture – hate that funky, old clothes stink? I find I get this when traveling if there is moisture and humidity in the air and my clothes have been in a suitcase for too long. Keep a spray bottle with vodka in it and spray those clothes for a fresh smell. Always do a test color patch on your clothes however. Same concept goes for a stinky house or furniture 3)      Cleans carpet – if you have some nasty spills or pet spots on your carpet at home use that spray bottle of vodka on it. Allow it to sit for about ten minutes and then gently scrub the stain.   Source: Featured Image Source:

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