DIY Home Remedy #3: Calluses, Corns and Licorice

Well I never thought I would use calluses and corns and licorice in the same sentence…but indeed the day has come!   Calluses are caused by pressure, friction or rubbing and essentially are just a very thick, coarse and tough area of skin. I get these bad boys on my hands from lifting heavy weights, even wearing lifting gloves do not prevent them sometimes. Typically they are not harmful, and sure they can be worn proudly to say  YEAH, I LIFT BRO… but honestly not so dab to look at

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  Corns are a form of callus that typically forms on a hairless and smooth surface, usually on or between the toes, which is rather painful.   The next time you want to get rid of one of these go to grab some licorice sticks. Dr. Oz suggests creating  a paste out of it….grind em  up (3 or four sticks) and mix them with some petroleum jelly or sesame oil. Rub this onto your feet nightly until the calluses and corns decrease in size. This will happen as licorice contains an estrogen-like substance that softens the hard skin.   Hey the best way to prevent a bad unhealthy licorice snack is to put them on your feet….YUCK    


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