DIY Home Remedy #4: Headaches and Pencils

A significant amount of headaches are caused by you subconsciously clenching your jaw and teeth. This can happen when you are anxious or stressed, or even if you grind / clench your teeth while sleeping at night. Your jaw is actually connected to your temples so when you clench this causes unnecessary and excessive stress on the connecting tissue and muscle.   This is where your good old Number 2 pencil comes in. Place the pencil (or pen, highlighter, you name it) between your teeth, but DO NOT bite. This will instinctually relax your jaw muscle and alleviate your pain. I gave it a go in the picture below!   4. pencil   Note that this will only work on stress headaches, unfortunately not on sinus ones or migraines – for these get a good amount of rest. featured image source:

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