DIY Home Remedy #6: Halitosis and Yogurt

If you watch TV or read any sort of fitness related things you have bound to have heard of the live bacteria in yogurt and its associated benefits. Well here is another one to add to the list – it will help with your bad breath. The good live bacteria (think probiotics) can suppress the bad bacteria which causes the bad breath.  Another perk is that in general this will cut back on the plaque and gum disease risk you have as well. Keeping your dentist that much happier.   When you chose the yogurt for this stick to the ones that do not have sugar added and that are not overly process. Your breath and your abs will thank you for this. greek-yogurt-400 Other yogurt with active culture perks as per WebMD: -          Helps to prevent osteoporosis -          Reduces risk of high blood pressure -          Aids in gastrointestinal conditions -          Decrease in vaginal infections -          Helps you feel full     Featured Image Source:

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