DIY Home Remedy #8: Sore Feet and a Tennis Ball

Funny how a lot of my problems have relate to high heels. I have said it before and I will say it again – Beauty is pain!!!  That being said many things can cause foot pain, for instance: -          High heels (my fav) -          Shoes that do not fit quite right, maybe you’re in between sizes… -          Flat feet -          High arches -          Heels spurs -          A job where you stand or walk all day -          Poor posture -          Poor balance -          Disease (arthritis, diabetes)  

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  Rather than going out and getting a foot massage, do this quick DIY at home fix. Grab Fido’s tennis ball and roll your bare foot over it for a few minutes. Try to do this whenever the pain acts up. This can be done even at the office, while watching TV, or hell –bring a ball out on the town if you really want!   We do not discriminate – not an avid tennis player? Grab a golf ball or can of soup/beans/whatever and do the same thing with it. You can even throw something in the freezer or fridge to cool it down to have an extra sense of relief with those throbbing tootsies.   featured image source:

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