DIY Home Remedy #9: Motion Sickness and Olives

Medical News Today states that motion sickness is actually a disturbance in the inner ears caused by repeated motions – the movement of a car or plane, the churn of the sea, etc.  

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  Your body respond to this with increased salivation, which can in turn make you feel very nauseated. To offset this feeling pop a couple olives in your mouth at the first signs of feeling queasy, a Women’s Day article states.  This is because the olives contain tannins that will neutralize your saliva once its secreted. In turn this will prevent you from any sort of embarrassing and painful vomiting!   Some other options if you are not a fan of olives like myself – sucking on a lemon or chewing on some fresh mint leaves! 9. mint leaveshealthy afternoon elixir Just an FYI – pretty sure those tannins exist in wine as well, not that I ever need an excuse to have a glass.

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