DIY - Homemade Coconut Lotion Oil Bars

Have I mentioned how much I love coconut oil?  There are so many health benefits for using coconut oil, so rather than buying expensive lotions and creams from the store, Do-It-Yourself. Using ingredients right from your kitchen, try this amazing home made Coconut Oil Lotion Bars. Ingredients: -       1 Cup Coconut Oil -       1 Cup Beeswax (you can find this on Amazon) -       ½ Cup Shea Butter -       ½ Cup Almond Oil -       Essential Oils of your Choice Directions: Place all ingredients, except the essential oils in a quart mason jar.  Boil a pot full of water placing the uncapped jar sitting inside. Make sure to stir regularly until all the ingredients have melted completely. Let it cool down, just a tab and add in the essential oils and stir. Pour into silicone molds. Once they have fully dried, I like to let them try overnight, pop out the molds and place them in Mason Jars for storage. These are great for DIY holiday gifts, decorate the jars, add a little tag and you’re done!

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