DIY: Make your Own Cropped Top to Workout!

Cropped tops are so in right now, and the best part about it is that we can make them ourselves! It’s really easy and they are great pieces of clothes to work out with! And not only that: remember that old ugly shirt you have somewhere in your closet? Well, that will look so cute as a cropped top! Here’s a DIY I put together for you guys with one of my shirts! Hope you like it <3
  1. Pick a Shirt! Any Tee will do: if you want a more loose top, chose one that’s a little oversized. For a more fit look, pick one that’s a little tighter.
  2. Lets get cutting! Follow the lines as the photo! Cuts don’t have to be perfect, and that little rough look on the edges is really cool, so don’t worry! For a longer shirt, cut less from the bottom and  for a bigger cut out look on the sleeves, just cut a little deeper! Super easy!
  3. This step is optional: you can cut a deep “V” on the back of the shirt to make the back a little different. If you don’t want to and rather a straight cropped on the top, that’s cute too!
  4. If you decide to go with the “V” on the back, another way to go is to get a little of the rest of the bottom of the shirt and secure the two straps together, like in the photo! It makes the top a little tighter, so very sexy ;)
  5. This step is how you end up the step 4. Just finish with the straps and make sure they are secure together!
  6. Also optional, but this is a great tip for a cropped top: if you want the back longer, that’s how you do it! This looks very cute to show off some abs!

 tutorial cropped top Bodyrock

tutorial cropped top Bodyrock2 tutorial cropped top Bodyrock3 Xoxo

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