DIY Photobooth Idea

  One of the things I have always wanted to do was create a photobooth and take some fun pictures to remember the night's festivities by. So that is when I discovered this amazing tutorial from Jordan at Oh Happy Day. It is super easy and she shows you how you can create a fun backdrop for your next party! 0 Materials Needed: 600 Sequins 60 mm in diameter 6 pieces of large and thin FoamBoard 1/8″ thick,  32″x 40″ wide 2 Rolls of Gold cheap wrapping paper to cover the foamboard. Good Masking Tape (that comes off the walls easy) 600+ Sequin Pins (these are just really short straight pins, you need one for every sequin) Ruler A long piece of posterboard to make a guide. 0 For the full tutorial, click here. Happy New Year!! Original tutorial & photo source: Oh Happy Day Click the image below for more fun New Year party ideas... or if you want to get lean for 2015, we have free diet and workout plans for you to browse through now! URLSmall

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