DIY Resizing Your Jeans

Well, my working out has paid off and I can finally say that my clothes are starting to fit a bit looser. This is great news for my little black dresses, but devastating news for my adorable rose-pink high-waisted skinny jeans, which were a tad big to start with. Luckily, I came across a pretty easy way to make a straight leg a skinny leg, and generally make larger pants smaller, then I tried it out for myself and made some adjustments. No need to go to an expensive tailor when you can easily do it yourself, and here’s how: Instructions:
  1. Turn your jeans inside out, and put them on. Pin along the outer seam so that they are tight to your legs and CAREFULLY take them off.
jeansresize 2. Sew along the pinned line as straight as possible, using the original seam as guidance. 3. Now cut off the excess fabric and iron the seam flat. jeansresize2   Easy-peasy lemon squeezy.   Featured image source:

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