DIY Sexy Puckered Bikini Bottoms

When I found this amazing tutorial for DIY scrunched bikini bottoms, I got uber excited! FitMommy-NoURL (1)                       It involves taking regular, old (or new!) bikini bottoms and making them scrunched, giving a "puckered" look to your booty. I love this look because it makes you look like you have a booty-even when you don't. g           It is actually pretty simply to do, but involves some sewing. You can make it quicker by using a sewing machine, though! According to Geniabeme blog, here are some things to consider:
  • This will make your bikini bottom smaller, please be aware of your comfort level before doing this!
  • Also remember this will make your bikini bottom lower in the back. I would suggest using this method on bikini bottoms that are a tad too big for you.
  • I am not a good seamstress, I am sure there are better methods that look better. Use my tutorial as a guide but do whatever you need to make it look good for you!
  • This works best for busy patterns because the thread is visible.
To make your scrunched bikini bottoms, you will need the following:
  • Bikini Bottom
  • Thread
  • Needle
Now, to make your scrunched bikini bottoms, here's what to do:
  1. Grab one of your bikini bottoms you want to transform.
  2. Turn your bikini bottom inside out. With a washable marker mark the middle on the backside of your bikini bottom.
  3. Find some thick thread. I’ve doubled up some random thread I found in my drawers and I’ve also used elastic thread before.
  4. Depending on how much coverage you need, sew down the middle. If you want less coverage on your butt, make your stitches wider, if you want more coverage make your stitches closes together.
FitMommy-NoURL (1)
                FitMommy-NoURL (1)                       g                       FitMommy-NoURL (1)                       g                         5. Play around with the bikini bottom and thread to get your desired scrunch-ness. When you are satisfied, knot the end. FitMommy-NoURL (1)                     g                       Tutorial & photo credit: GENIABEME PicMonkey-Collage Enjoyed this tutorial? Double click the photo below to view more tutorials! URLSmall

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