DIY Sugar Wax For Hair Removal

Not a fan of body hair? This is my method, the only one which lasts more then a few days. No more skin irritiations and spots, no more spend much money for rasor blades and wax. It´s a recipe from a chummy cosmetician of mine. All you need for the wax: 2 cups sugar ¼ cup freshly squeezed lemon juice

Directions: Combine both ingredients in a big glass canning jar. Heat up in a microwave, every 30 sec. stop for stirring. If time is over let it rest till it´s room temperature.

How to Apply?

You`ll need: 2 strait rubber gloves

The hair should have a length no less than 1,5 mm. The skin should be cleaned & dusted with some baby powder or cornstarch.

With rubber gloves remove a walnut-sized piece from cooled sugar mass. This piece is applied against the growth direction of the hair quite slowly with two fingers on the body. The given amount is enough for a 8-cm-long and 2-cm-wide skin stripe. The same paste can become further used as long as, until it becomes too soft, take a new piece.

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