DIY Workout Motivation Jar

  Sometimes, when you get into a workout rut, it feels as if there's no way to jump right out. I have seen tons and tons of DIY workout jars floating around-some with money that rewards you at the end to buy something new and then some with marbles that stand for a workout complete. Personally, I loved this DIY workout jar tutorial from ESPN. Here's what you need:
  • 30 popsicle sticks
  • 4 colored hi-lighters or markers
  • 1 black marker or Sharpie pen
  • 2 mason jars or plastic cups
  • 2 pieces of paper or blank adhesive labels
What to do:
  1. Label each jar: "Daily Workouts" and "Done"
  2. Color code your workouts. You don't have to have all the categories listed below on the infographic, but you can do cardio, weights, swimming, and cycling. My jar just has two colors for weights and cardio!
  3. When you are ready for a workout, pull a popsicle stick or two and transfer it to the "Done" jar.
  4. Simple as that!
7-tips-cara-fitness-menggunakan-alat-berat-bagi-pemula-iii   Infographic & tutorial: ESPN W.    

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