DIY Workout Tank!

DIY Workout Tank! I saw this and I had to repost. I can’t tell you how many oversized t-shirts I have that I absolutely never wear.  Not only that, but just knowing I don’t want to get rid of them! Most of which I stole from my boyfriend .. perks of him gaining some mass, I get all of his old t-shirts! Aside from the massive quantities of old t-shirts, I also tend to spend a ton of money on gym shirts! I blame Pinterest… Anyways! I found this article (on pinterest) and just had to report! Best part of it, it solves both my problem! What to do with my oversized boyfriend T’s and how not to spend money on new gym tanks! Make your own! All you need is: 1)    1 Large (men’s) T-shirt 2)    Ribbon of your choice (instead of ribbon, you can cut strips out from the left over T-shirt, lace, anything!) 3)    Scissors Directions: 1)    Lay your shirt out on a flat surface, and cut – like so. Cut 2)    Flip over and tie back shoulders together near top seams Simple and easy to get this adorable workout tank! Profile     Original post here:

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paggect March 20, 2021

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