DNA Reading Health App

There have been a lot of technological advancements and gadgets to help with healthy living, and here’s a new one: an app that gives personalized health information based on your DNA. It’s called Pathway Panorama, and is the brainchild of IBM’s Watson supercomputer and Pathway Genomics, an American DNA testing company. Two people can eat the exact same foods, and do the exact same exercises, but they may have entirely different results (I’m always amazed at my skinny friend’s ability to guzzle chewy candies without ANY seeming repercussions). This phenomenon is largely due to a person’s genetics, which, once you’ve had your genome sequenced, this smartphone app will use to pinpoint the best, most detailed, personalized health recommendations simply by saying “Ask Watson” followed by your question. dnaappdiet_1024 One example that Pathway’s chief medical officer, Michael Nova, gives is, "say you’re diabetic and you’re in a city you have never visited before. You had a pastry for breakfast and you want to know when you should take your next shot of insulin." Or you could ask it something more simple, like how many burpees you need to do to burn off that burrito (not like that would be my first question or anything). It will give advice, but also backs that advice up with references to medical journals and clinical trials, constantly syncing to its database to update you with the most recent information and recommendations. It should be out by mid-2015, so keep an eye out!

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