Do This Exercise For Anti-Aging Results

Although getting older is better than the alternative, most of us would like to avoid looking and feeling like we're older! Fitness expert and author of Lift to Get Lean, Holly Perkins, explains exactly what exercise will keep you looking and feeling younger and how it works. So what is this exercise? Drum roll, please.... Strength training! Perkins explains that strength training can work to improve stamina which can provide you with the vigor and energy we associate with young people. On a very practical level, building strength helps to improve the strength and balance of your musculature, throughout your entire body, and this can prevent some of the injuries we see that occur commonly among older people. Injuries that are a side effect of aging.   But perhaps most importantly, strength training "is really critical to help you optimize your natural level of hormones that cause us to feel energetic and young," says Perkins. "Strength training is the one tool that you have to truly transform and reshape your body the way that you want." We already knew that strength training was a great tool for weight loss, but now it appears to be even more valuable! By providing an energy boost, building muscle and bone, and balancing hormones, strength training can turn back the clock! For exercises that incorporate strength training, check out the full BodyRock catalog on Sweatflix℠! Start your free trial today! Do already have a steady strength training routine? Tell us about it. If not, what are you waiting for? Source: Yahoo!Health  

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