Do this One Simple Thing And You Could Have A Leaner Body In No Time

According to Subway, the average person chews six times before swallowing. When you were young, your parents would often yell at you for not chewing your food. Chewing your food encourages you to taste your meal and enjoy it longer. But it may also help  you loose weight. Did you know that it takes approximately 20 minutes for your brain to get a signal from your stomach to tell you that its full? That's a long time! When you slow down your eating, it allows your brain more time to get the 'I'm full' signals. Apparently, one study found that women felt fuller when they ate slowly.
Eating slower helps you lose weight by controling portion sizes and reducing calorie intake - which in turn helps your body become more lean.  
It sounds so ridiculously basic that you almost want to dismiss it out of hand.  But at Harbin Medical University in China, a study was conducted by a group of researchers. They determined that people who chewed a mouthful 40 times consumed less by 12 percent compared to those who chewed 15 times. 12 percent per meal. Think about the cumulative effect of that over a day or a week. Chewing more also promotes a greater sense of mindfulness and awareness about the act of eating - which means less scoffing down food and potentially over eating. It also means you will stop consuming food when you are full. Sometimes the simplest things make the most sense.

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