Do You Believe In Soulmates?

Jennifer Aniston recently posted on her Facebook page about her first true love, who passed when she was 25. The stunning 45-year-old actress explained that she felt her prior boyfriend sent her husband Justin Theroux to make up for the loss she experienced.

jennifer aniston soul mate

Jen believes because Justin (44) is so similar to her former love, that must have been guided to her. Like so many people in this world, Jen has found her 'soulmate'.

A soulmate is defined as the person whom you can't live without. They fit perfectly with you. You finish each other's sentences, you fall in love with each other's flaws and you just get each other. Spiritual people believe soulmates are parts of our past lives, and often recount times of experiencing deja vu from other lifetimes when with their partner.

There has been much speculation as to whether soulmates are a real phenomenon or just product of fantasy. Some believe there is more than one soul out there that they can connect with on such a deep and intimate level.

Science has not put a lot of time and effort into debunking or proving the soulmate concept. It all comes down to your beliefs and views on love. Do you believe in the karmic connection of soulmates or is meeting the love of your life simply a game of chance?  



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