Doctors Dish Up the 9 Signs That Your Health is Off

While they may seem normal, things like cracks at the side of your mouth, thinning hair, itchy feet, unexplained rashes, and dark circles under your eyes are actually signs that something's up with your health explains Dr Deyo Famuboni, a GP in London. "It's important to listen to your body," she told Healthista. "This is ever so true - especially when it's trying to warn you that something isn’t right. There are so many subtle signs it gives us, that picking up on them - and being attuned to what is normal for you - is vital to feeling well and preventing future problems." Signs that something is up with your health.

1. Gaining weigh around the waist

An increase in waist size heightens your chances of developing diabetes and a condition called the metabolic syndrome if it is higher than 31 inches (80cm) as a woman or 37 inches (94cm) as a man. Prevention is key, and regular exercise along with a healthy, well-balanced diet will keep you in check.

2. Yellow spots around your eyes and or your elbows

  This is a condition known as xanthelasma and is the result of fatty deposits just under your skin. Not sure what's up? This condition could be a sign that your cholesterol level is raised.

3. You have darker circles around your eyes

Lack of sleep is definitely a factor, but dark circles could also be due to allergies as well as incessant itching of the eyes or rubbing of the nose. A simple blood test can help you discover if they are, in fact, due to allergies. Probiotics may help with the symptoms associated with this.

4. Itchy feet

If you're feet are in a damp environment like sweaty trainers after clocking in hours at the gym, you could be giving them a fungal infection, to which you'll see a white scaly or damp rash in between your toes or under the feet. Grab an anti-fungal cream to alleviate the problem.

5. Cracks at corners of your mouth

  Interestingly, this is actually a sign that your body is deficient in foods rich in B vitamins and iron such as leafy green vegetables, lean meat and eggs. If you notice that your experiencing dry and cracked corners, beware of an infection. Topical treatment and moisturizing will likely clear it up, however.

6. Very itchy rash

If over the counter creams aren't alleviating the rash, then this could be a sign of coeliac disease, which is a gluten-sensitivity condition. Your doctor can provide you with a blood test to find out whether or not you have coeliac disease.

7. Thinning hair

This may be a sign that your iron levels are low. Having a thyroid problem can also affect the hair. A blood test can help pinpoint either of these.

8. Brittle nails

  Too much nail polish use or an over-exposure to wet, damp conditions can cause brittle nails. Make sure to moisturize them regularly, and use a supplement with biotin (vitamin b7). Other concerns may be a fungal infection, psoriasis, thyroid problems, or arthritis, which typically come with a rash, fatigue or painful joints respectively.

9. Constipation

Your body may be in need of an increase in water and fiber if you are experiencing this. Just make sure you are incorporating both insoluble (such as wheatbran, whole-grains) and soluble fibres (including oatbran and pulses). Were you aware of any of these? Source: Daily Mail  

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