Does Size Really Matter?

Does size really matter? Of course it does! You know I'm talking about Zucchini's, right!? So in my garden this year I have zucchini! I've made several different recipes with it before so I'm super excited to have my own! I've made everything from zucchini boats, noodles, pizza, bread, and even clean lasagna! Are you a zucchini lover? If so, once my batch is ready to go I'll be posting some awesome recipes for you to try! Don't have a garden? Thats okay! Here are some tips for picking the best store bought/farmers market zucchini! Small zucchini that are less than 8 inches have smaller seeds and a sweeter flavor! Between 6 and 8 inches is a perfect size. It should be firm and free of cuts or bruises. Store in the fridge lightly wrapped.  

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