Does Your Pantry Look Like This?

Do you want to have a rocking body like Lisa or Sean or one of the other hosts?  Are you doing the workouts but not seeing the results?  Are you wanting to make some changes but don’t know where to start?  Does your pantry resemble this one?  If it does, that may be where you need to start.  Rocking abs and a rocking body are made in the kitchen more so than the gym and your food could be hampering your results as well as making you feel yuck.  Maybe you’ve had that ‘aha’ moment and you know you’ve got to start making changes, but it just feels overwhelming.  I remember walking through the grocery store myself just feeling overwhelmed because everywhere I turned was the junky/processed stuff that I wanted to stay away from for myself and my family.  It was actually a little depressing!  For a time, I didn’t even want to go to the grocery store or cook, because I felt like everything I was putting in my mouth and my children’s mouths was in some way harming them.  Little by little, I got over it and learned to make healthy choices.  Taking it all on at once is overwhelming to say the least, and some people do it with ease, but for some and especially a big family it may not be so easy.  Here are some tips from someone who’s been through it.
  • In the beginning, pick one or 2 things to switch at a time.  Like bread for example, skip the bread aisle and go to the freezer section where you’ve got your sprouted, whole grain and gluten free varieties.  Try a few, hopefully you will find one that’s comparable that everyone likes and stick with it.  (It took me a few tries before I got the right one for my hubby and kids, so don’t give up if the first ones not a hit right off.)  Don’t buy the old stuff anymore and explain to your family why you’re doing it.  When they know why, they will be more apt to change.
  • Milk, for us was one of the first things to go.  Maybe for you it will be the last, but it’s definitely one that should be on the list, especially if anyone in your family has any issues like ear infections, eczema, sinus issues, allergies, etc.  Whether you tackle it first or last or somewhere in between is up to you.  If you need more info on why, check out Freya’s article, she goes into great depth.  You can either cut it out altogether, or you can switch to a rBGH/rBGST free milk if you can find it in your local grocery store.  I simply stopped buying it and switched to almond milk.  My kids didn’t like it at all, almond milk, in the beginning and just didn’t drink any milk until 3 years after the fact.  One of my kids had a constant runny nose too that I gave an extra supplement for and it cleared up once taking him off milk.
  • Healthier pantryCereal-we don’t even buy it anymore, but what you can do is switch from say Lucky Charms or Fruit Loops, the real colorful ones to ones that aren’t so colorful.  The colors are chemicals that can cause adverse effects in behavior and have more chemicals to make them that color.  Then once you do that, maybe you can switch to an organic cereal.  The organic cereals usually have even less harmful ingredients.
  • Yogurt-If you’re buying the colorful yogurts with the cute little animals, either stop buying them altogether or switch from the colorful to the white ones, that you can add some fruit or honey or something to it.
  • Time-it’s going to take time for these changes to take place, don’t rush it.  Maybe for yourself you can go faster and stop eating these things sooner, but if you’ve got a husband/significant other and/or resistant kids take it slow.  Explain things, show them why you’re making changes.  Help them to understand.  In time, they will feel the difference in their own bodies.  It’s taken my family 4 years to get here.
  • Become a label junky-reading the labels is one of the most critical things.  Once you start picking up packages and reading the long lists of ingredients that have many things you can’t even pronounce, you’ll be astonished.  I try to stay away from things that have more than 5 ingredients, depending on what it is of course, and if I don’t recognize or can’t pronounce it, I stay away.
  • 80/20 rule-Many folks swear by this rule, although I keep mine more at a 95/5.  80% healthy, clean eating and 20% not healthy.  This helps for those parties and get-togethers where there may not be the best of choices and just for your own sanity.  It’s hard sticking to it all the time.  When you’re first starting out though, you can reverse it and start out 20/80, picking one thing at a time like I suggested earlier.  Then little by little you’ll eventually get to the 80/20.
  • Take action-don’t keep feeling overwhelmed and procrastinating.  You’ll feel much better taking action, even if it’s one thing at a time.  It’s an empowering feeling once you take yours and your family’s health into your own hands.  No one else will do it for you!  So, what are you waiting for?  Pick one thing and get started today!  Take the few things I mentioned and run with it.  If you’re already on the path, step it up a notch and focus on 2-3 things.  Your bodies will thank you for it.  ;-)

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