Dog Eat Thong World

An English woman, Kaye Banks, had a terrible scare when her puppy Brian had to have a two-hour emergency operation followed by a 4-day stay at the veterinarians. The cause? He had become sick after eating her thong. This story may not seem that news worthy, but it was picked up by the BBC, and then Jezebel, probably because the kicker is that the day that Brian returned home, he once again tried to eat one of Banks’ thongs. Just look at that face though, he's definitely worth getting your knickers in a twist over. dogeatthong2 I don’t even know how to properly relate this to BodyRock’s ideals, maybe it qualifies as a hiit break story, maybe because thongs are exercise-wear, or that the sheer amount of dedication that this dog showed in his pursuit of thongs is what we should be applying to our pursuit of health and well-being, or maybe it’s just because a picture of a dog plus an ass in a thong is the epitome of all BodyRock images. In any case, this story just needed to be shared.

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