Dog Rescued From Trash Heap Rescues Another Dog

A video has been making the internet rounds. A beautiful, grab some Kleenex, dog gets rescued, video. But what's different about this video is that despite this dog being in such horrible condition, and so downtrodden, she ends up being a rescuer herself! Once she's in good hands and has mostly recovered from her physical ills, she befriends another rescue dog that suffers from severe anxiety about everything. The two become fast friends in spite of all the emotional baggage they both still carry. Watch the video, then continue reading below to see how this may apply to your life. This video sparked the question... can you heal yourself by helping to heal others? We all have our own traumas, sometimes they're hard to overcome and can linger in our psyche for far too long. But, can helping other's overcome their trauma also help us find a way to overcome our own trauma? What if that trauma was disbelief in our own abilities or worth? A lot of us set goals that we never achieve. Most of the time we don't achieve these goals because we don't believe we can, or we don't believe we're worth it. We all need help and encouragement to reach our goals, and just because we haven't reached our end goal, doesn't mean we can't help someone else reach theirs. Helping someone else may just be what finally helps us reach that goal that was previously out of reach. Next time you're encouraging a friend to reach their goals, listen to the encouragement you're giving and apply it to yourself as well.

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