Dog with Two Broken Front Legs Learns how to Walk on Hind Legs!

Other than just being the most adorable thing you’ll see all day. This pup is very inspiring. She broke her two front legs after jumping off a 6 foot deck which resulted to the loss of her front limbs. This small little pup is definitely a fighter and knows how to overcome obstacles. Now using only her back legs, she learned how to walk again! The thing that kills me is her going through the door by jumping over the threshold! In a way, I can definitely relate to this! About 6 weeks out from competing in a National NPC fitness competition, I broke my ankle and wasn’t able to walk at all. I refused to give up and worked that much harder so I would be ready to compete. Even hopping through the gym in crutches, I was still lifting, crunching, pushing and pulling until I hit my goal. She’s going to build up those quads in no time!

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