Doing THIS At The Gym Torches The Most Calories

Here in 2016, we have reached a point of pure distraction. We are always checking our phones, surfing  social media sites, and playing with apps which pull our minds away from the tasks at hand. But what we don't realize is that disconnecting from our distractions (whether they are mental or physical) can be what leads us down the path to success! This  concept of unplugging applies to everything in life, including working out. Exercising without distractions is the key to burning calories and getting the most out of your gym time. When you're not entirely focused on your fitness (and thinking about the bills you have to pay or how many likes your latest selfie is going to get) you tend not to see effective results. In fact, it's been scientifically proven that the more focused  and less stressed you are, the more weight you can potentially shed. Less Distractions = Less Stress    A clinical study found that women who are constantly thinking stressful thoughts burn fewer calories than those who clear their minds. It also uncovered that those who are more stressed tend to gain more weight over time. So declutter your brain before stepping into the gym. Stop thinking about what to cook for dinner, or what to say in tomorrow's meeting. Keep your mind completely calm. Listening to a playlist that gets you motivated is a great way to ease your restless thoughts. Also, sign up for classes that help blast away tension. Think boxing, karate or Zumba. Anything that lifts your mood and helps you fully engage in the moment is beneficial! Set Goals for More Effective Workouts  how to set fitness goals Give yourself an incentive with the goal you set (like treating yourself to a relaxing spa day after completing three weeks of hardcore cardio workouts). This will help you get off your butt and get into the gym on a regular basis. Don't focus on the number you want the scale to read, but rather how your body feels after each workout. If you're sleeping better, feeling more energized, and squeezing into your skinny jeans a little easier, that's a worthy reward! Your goals should center around your whole mental and physical well-being and not your weight. [bctt tweet="Doing THIS At The Gym Torches The Most Calories"] Focus Your Attention on Intention for a Better Workout    It is known as "attentional narrowing" and it is a trick used to make 90 minutes HIIT sessions feel like 15-minute jogs around the park. Break up your long workouts with mini-goals. If you're going for an hour run outdoors, make each landmark you recognize a mini-goal. Then your brain will be eager to pass the next landmark and forget about the minutes you have left to run. If you're struggling to get through a 2 hour yoga class, make every move you master a mini triumph and not a painstaking back-bend. What are your secrets to burning calories? Share your thoughts with us! Source: Elite Daily  

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