Don't Be a Creep: Cutting the Social Media Ties After a Breakup

The Toronto Sun recently published a study in which 88% of their participants admit to stalking their exes on Facebook. Remaining friends might sound like the admirable thing to do after a breakup, but in reality, the constant access to what your ex is doing, and with whom, is a recipe for prolonging the pain. Those who creep their exes don't just glance at their updates. They pore over old photos, obsess over new friends, cross-reference social connections. In addition to the deliberately inflicted pain of creeping, there is the unpredictability of how Facebook updates pop up on your own newsfeed. You could be having a great day, feeling strong and not have thought of your ex all morning when suddenly your ex is tagged in a new photo next to people you don't know. You start to think how he's doing better than you are. You must not have mattered. Pick, pick, pick at the wounds. The best thing to do when you find yourself hurting over a breakup is to cut and clear, as the old folk magic practitioners used to prescribe. Block your ex on Facebook, unfollow on Twitter and Instagram.  If you share many friends, it might be good to take a break from social media altogether for a few weeks at least. Are you guilty of creeping an ex? What are your recommendations for breakup etiquette and healing in the age of social media?  

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