Don’t drink the Fluoridated Water!

Not all water is created equal, some water has fluoride added to it and this has been a constant debate whether or not to drink water with fluoride in it. Is it safe, what effects does it have on our bodies?

Turns out fluoridated water it bad for us…my sister was right this whole time. Two new studies found that drinking fluoridated water is making us depressed, fat and cause ADHD.

This is shocking news; water is causing all of this? Water is supposed to be the one thing that is pure and good for us to drink.

In a study done at Toronto’s York University, the researchers looked at the levels of fluoridated water by State and the rates of which ADHD were diagnosed. They found that the higher the portions of artificially fluoridated water the more people were diagnosed with ADHD. They examined 6 years starting in 1992 and saw the relationship was true in all six years.

The second study was done at the University of Kent, in Great Britton, the scientists looked at high numbers of underactive thyroid glands and what the levels of fluoridated water where in those areas that those people lived in. They found that underactive thyroids were 30% more likely in areas that had higher levels of fluoridation. They concluded that more than 1,500 people in the Great Britton suffer from an underactive thyroid as a result from the fluoride levels in their water.

Do you know what happens when your thyroid is underactive? You gain weight, get depressed and fatigued. The water was causing these people to have horrible health problems. Imagine gaining weight from drinking water because your country added fluoride to it.

What can we do to stop this?

Europe doesn’t add fluoride to their water but the US and the UK still do and some of us are shamed for even speaking up about this issue. A couple of things you can do are only drink water that has no added fluoride, if that means buying only bottled water that is non-fluoridated so be it. Or travel to a nearby spring and fill empty bottles with fresh untreated water.

Another thing you could do is write a letter to your local congressman or woman and let them know how upset you are about our water supply being fluoridated. Stay in the know with this topic and you can make a change just by your purchases and speaking up.

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