Don't Have Equipment But Need to Workout?

Morning! I have been a way for awhile traveling and visiting family. But today, I am back in full force and wanted to make my comeback with a quick, do-anywhere workout. This functional workout can be done at any fitness level and can also be made more challenging as you get faster and stronger. Here's how: Increase your work time and decrease you rest time. It is really that simple. The exercises in this workout can be done with no equipment besides a towel, a bottle of water, a timer, and your biggest and best weight set...YOUR BODY! Body resistance exercise is great because you have your own personal gym wherever you go. Literally. There are TONS of movements you can do using just your body. This is especially great if you are just starting to work out or are not able to make it to the gym (hello, snow days...they are right around the corner!!). The exercises in this workout are:

The Squat

The Push Up

The Sit Up

The Sprint

This workout might not appear to be intense, but I assure you, you get out what you put in my friends. It not only incorporates strength training, but also cardiovascular training (you'll see!).   The squat is an essential human movement and, unfortunately, many people squat incorrectly. I see it all the time. We are a quad dominant people and do not engage our hamstrings and glutes near enough; we heavily rely on our big, strong quadriceps instead. It isn't fair to them and you are cheating yourself. And, contrary to popular belief, squats are not bad for your knees. Squatting with proper form can actually help make your knees healthier and even rehabilitate them. What is damaging in not squatting or squatting incorrectly.  The main thing to remember for the squat is your set up. Keep your feet about shoulder width apart and track your toes out ever so slightly. Your back should be slightly arched with your shoulders back and your eyes facing forward (don't look at the ground!). Keep your weight ON YOUR HEELS and NEVER let your knees extend over or past your toes (but, this would require you being on the balls of your feet and not your heels, which, you would never do!) On your descent, aim for good depth and break the parallel by pushing your butt and hips back and down, as if you were sitting on a chair. A way to see if you are going low enough would be to place a pencil on your knee in the down position; it should roll back toward your hip. You also need to remember to keep your chest as high as possible and don't allow your upper body to slump over your thighs (rounded back). This is hard, but it gets easier with practice. And, as with any exercise, engage your core and keep it tight. The bottom of a correctly performed squat looks like this: crossfit_air_squat_targets_butt_and_thighs_image_title_iyz7o Ascend, squeeze and flex your hamstrings and glutes and come up without shifting your balance and stand tall, as if a string is attached to your head and pulling you up toward the ceiling. You don't need to rush through this movement. The squat uses every muscle in your body, so concentrate on really engaging and maintaining good form.   The push up is another great movement that works your chest, arms, back, and abs. Avoid sagging your hips. You want to keep your body in a plank position, parallel to the ground at the top of the movement and lower your body as one unit to the bottom, bringing your chest as close to the floor or ground as possible. If you are not yet able to do push ups using this form, you may drop to your knees but keep everything else the same. A push up done correctly looks like this: How-To-Do-A-CrossFit-Push-Up   The Sit Up is another great functional exercise that works the core muscles. A butterfly sit up is a more functional type of movement and is better for your back and your neck. To do a butterfly sit up, sit on the ground and put the soles of your feet together to form a diamond with your legs. Then, lie back with your arms extended over your head, palms up. If it is more comfortable for you, place a rolled up towel under your lower spin for extra support. On the return to the top, be sure your body is in an upright seated position before returning to the bottom. butterfly-sit-ups   The Sprint is awesome for building endurance and speed. While you are only running a short distance in a short amount of time, the sprint helps to build lung strength, which you obviously need for endurance activities. Basically to sprint, you just run as fast as you can for a designated time or distance. Simple, right?   Are you ready for the workout? Let's go!!


Set your timer to 20 seconds work, 20 seconds rest

Complete 5 rounds of:

Squat, Push Up, Sit Up, Sprint (this is ONE ROUND!)

This will take about 13 minutes.


Set your timer to 30 seconds work, 15 seconds rest

Complete 6 rounds of:

Squat, Push Up, Sit Up, Sprint (this is ONE ROUND!)

This will take about 20 minutes.


Set your timer to 50 seconds work, 10 seconds rest

Complete 7 rounds of:

Squat, Push Up, Sit Up, Sprint (this is ONE ROUND!)

This will take about 30 minutes.

Let me know what one you choose and post your times! If you want to gauge your improvement, repeat the level you started in a week or two and check out your rep difference per round. Happy sweating!    

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