Don't Hold Back

'Feel the tempest storming, but don't let fear hold you back'

 Today's post is about holding back or not holding back.

  So Thursday after noon I got the news that an old friend (more of an acquaintance but we hung out socially several times)  had been killed in a car accident. I couldn't believe it! He was killed by an oil tanker truck that exploded and set fire to the vehicle, which burned for 5 hours! He was such a nice, genuine, and caring person and did not deserve to go out like that. After reading all the comments his friends and family were leaving on his Facebook page, I couldn't help but get teary eyed. To see all of these people expressing their feelings for him and how terribly he will be missed was heartbreaking! I realize that life is too short and that anything can happen at anytime. Sometimes we don't always say the nicest things to people or tell them how much we appreciate them as often as we should. Sometimes we don't realize how much we have until it's gone. This could be anything in our lives, not just people! It could be our health. Maybe you're a smoker, have a disease, or some kind of disorder and you really learned to  appreciate your health and life a little more because of those conditions and unhealthy habits.  Maybe you've lost a loved one and wish you would have said that one thing to them that you never had the courage to say. Maybe you've gone through some sort of trauma and your inner strength has been pushed to the limits! We all have difficulties in life that we face and battle with. So whether it be your health goals, life goals, fitness goals, or something as simple as saying 'I love you' to someone. I don't think you should hold back. I think that we only get one chance to live and sometimes, even if the odds are against you taking a chance and a risk is worth it! Don't let fear of the unknown hold you back. If you think or feel something, say it. If you love someone, tell them. If you have a fitness goal or any other goal you want to achieve, go for it and give it your all! Be bold and be daring. Stepping outside of your comfort zone will only help you to learn and grow. I believe that even in the most tremendous of struggles that there is beauty on the other side of it.

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