Don't just run for your workout

So, as you may already know, I am training for a marathon.  I have found that ONLY running for my workout is not enough.

 During some of my runs, I enjoy breaking it up a bit and doing things such as:


Alternate legs and make sure that your knee never goes over your toe!

10 on each leg-rest (fast walk) -repeat 5x

Tip: Put your hands on your hips for more balance


Get your knees up as high as you can and as fast as you can-rest (jog) -repeat 5x

Tip: Pick a start and end point (50 meters is a good distance)


Well- just kick your butt while your running-it's as easy as that!-rest (jog)-repeat 5x

Tip: Pick a start and end point (50 meters is a good distance)


These are great for interval training! Just run as fast and as hard as you can- slowly rest (jog then walk)- repeat 5x

Tip: Set a timer and sprint for that amount of time (start with 20 seconds and work your way up each time!)

I also have found that stretching after your first 10 minutes of cardio is very beneficial.

Your body has had a chance to warm up it's muscles.  Stretching is very important and helps prevent injuries from occurring.

No need to get down on the ground though, just do some of these so you don't rest your body TOO much!

QUAD STRETCH- grab your foot from behind you and keep your opposite leg straight with just a slight bend in the knee (keep your knees together! And hold onto something if you need to balance)

CALF STRETCH- if you're outside find a tree or street sign (if inside use a wall that you are able to grab onto) and place the ball of your foot on it and pull yourself in to feel the stretch in your calf

BACK- bend over all the way, keeping your legs straight,  pull on you legs to feel a stretch and then roll your back up one vertebrae at a time

BUTT- bring your leg up and rest it on your opposite legs knee and sit back (you'll feel the burn!)

Now we all know that doing some sort of cardio activity during your day is super important to stay healthy.  But what some don't realize is that along with cardio you must do a number of other things as well.  I really enjoy doing the BODYROCK exercises because they are quick, yet very effective.  I also love doing my own exercises, in abs as well as arm and leg weights.  Probably the most important thing to keeping a nice body and staying healthy, is EATING RIGHT and DRINKING WATER.  These two things combined with cardio, weights, abs will leave you feeling better and headed toward the body you are looking for!


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