Don't Let PMS Cravings Sabotage Your Fitness: 4 Tricks to Combating Them!

Sometimes, your stomach can feel like a bottomless pit when your period is approaching. That time of the month goes hand in hand with late night pizza binges, dates with some rocky road ice cream and some OITNB. However, giving into your wants can only make you feel more bloated and add on unwanted pounds. Try these four helpful tips to combating your PMS cravings!

#1 Get Exercising

Sometimes, we think that because we already feel bloated and big, why not just give in and eat that whole bag of chips? Exercise can be the cure to that distended feeling and actually reduce your symptoms of cramps and fatigue. Hit the gym in your comfiest sweats and forget those fatty potato chips.

#2 Take a Probiotic

Supplements like acidophilus help out your healthy gut bacteria, and can level out your intense hunger.

#3 Get Your Protein

Start your day with a protein-loaded breakfast to keep you full, fuelled and keep your blood sugar levels regulated. If you're not a big morning eater, try a protein smoothie with Greek yogurt, flax seeds, almonds or chia seeds.

#4 Skimp on Caffeine

Your daily coffee fix can leave you feeling empty, and make you feel tired, irritated and in need of a high-sugar snack once the caffeine wears off.

What are some ways you curb your PMS cravings? Share your thoughts, ideas and recipes with us!


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