Don't let someone with bad brows tell you s**t about life

She used to be the cute brunette Disney star known for her family friendly pop songs and 'butter wouldn't melt' attitude. Now Miley Cyrus is a provocative singer with a cropped undercut hairdo, a plethora of tattoos and apparently no eyebrows. Or that's what it looks like now Miley, 20, has decided to bleach them blonde to match the punky platinum colour of her hair.
Hey Miley I think you're missing something... Cyrus bleaches her eyebrows blonde upon her return to LAThe Wrecking Ball singer debuted her new brows via Lily Allen - who makes her chart comeback this week with new single Hard Out Here - who tweeted a picture of herself and the American pop princess at around 11pm Californian time. No doubt it was an exciting moment for Lily, as she has been open about how much of a fan she is of Miley, telling the Observer: 'Miley's a b****, rising. She's my hero.' And earlier in the night, she hung out with Miranda Kerr, who shared a picture of the two of them together. The 20-year old singer and the 30-year old model looked like bosom buddies.
Did we just become best friends? Miranda Kerr shares a selfie of herself and Miley Cyrus on Tuesday night

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