Don't let those numbers bring you down .... Why.. Well .. I will tell you =)

Before you read this, its not mean to offend anyone its purely wrote to try to help :)) ... and on a side note ... negative replies are not welcome in my blog - feel free to go elsewhere  :) I'm sat watching a beautiful girl of 27 I guess .. gorgeous body, beautiful face, amazing skin, if she's a size 6 she's lucky !! - step off the scales almost in tears as she turns and looks up to her friend and says.. ''I don't get it, I've worked so hard this week :( .. and I've not been bad once !! I have ate everything I should and for what ?? to gain 2 *bleeping* pounds .. god I'm so fat *tears stream down her face* as she continues  ''I don't get it tho..Look'' *as she shows her friend a huge gap between her waist and her short band* ''I'm smaller... so why am I getting FATTER'' ...  and thats the word that has stuck with me all day !! Why Would she even have that thought in her head to think that about herself from a simple number ?? I felt such a sense of sadness rush over me as I realized just how ill informed most people STILL are as to weight and how we have become a nation of size 0' !! Let me ask you, when you see a girl who is a size 0 .. she will be the last person in the world you want to be, it's very very tiny and unless you are born that way (which is just cute) it's a very hard look to pull off in an out of clothes ... some do, but its tough, and maintaining it must just be soooo hard & not to mention unhealthy ... *Note to self* - There is nothing more attractive than ''fit'' and ''glowing'' and ''healthy'' ... ask any man girls they will tell you, if you love yourself, the confidence beams out of you and theres not a man on the planet who can resist a girl who beams beauty... it all starts with loving what god gave ya .. and rocking it !! - even if you make some changes along the way ;) .... rock it !! *Question* .... When did just being healthy and happy and looking good in your skin disappear and be replaced with a need to be a size 0 to fit in or feel like you are not ''fat'' ?!! I'm loosing the story ... anyway, so .... I sat there for a second and wondered what the difference was between me and the ''scales'' girl as I don't EVER remember having this as a child/ young adult, and i'm sure that I was only a generation out?!. I remember going to Step classes and going biking and running and I had just had a great time and I knew that some days I felt better in my clothes than others, but I never stopped eating or changed my food to make me ''less fat'' or felt that I ever was anything but beautiful as my parents told me this every single day and the people I surrounded myself with (much like today) were positive strong, inspirational people that all had different qualities that I drew from and made me who I am today. The only thing I can remember wanting was my sisters bum, hair, and boobs & curves... lol.. and I didn't have any of these things (and still don't lol).  I adore my baby sister I think she's the most beautiful girl in the world & she reminds me so much of my mum every single time I see her that its scary to see someone I miss so much live inside someone else. God,I Love her, as I do all of my family and friends :)). Anyway.. I am getting of track here .... and I'm sure you don't need to know that :D ... I was raised on a ''5 more minutes'' of play time, not leaving the house until my room was tidy and my bed was made lol and of course home made food cooked and prepared from scratch (even tho both my parents worked every hour they could, and my dad being a miner, that was hard enough) but between them they had a routine of mum buying the food, dad cooked it and it all just came together :D and we had a special meal on saturdays when I would sneak in from my baby sitting next door and take round :D . We had Three meals a day and one of them was school dinners which I LOVED!!  and all my friends used to be really cool and go ''off site'' to the chip shop lol but I never got any extra money to do this, and I wasn't really ever interested in it anyway as I LOVED the food I got everyday :D .. I mean what's not to like... you got veg, mash, some kind of pie and a pudding with custard lol I mean thats way better than chips right ?? ... mmmmm, I never wanted the chips or the pizza, even tho you could have that at school too :) - because that wasn't what my body craved. I was always fed fresh cooked healthy food so it was all my body knew, the frozen, oven cooked, grilled foods just didn't cut it for me and I didn't even have to think twice about it - when you have the option of carrots, and peas and gravy etc why would you want pizza ??!! ... I suppose thats just how it feels for people who don't have sugar in their tea, if you had it, it wouldn't taste very nice to you, unless you did it everyday, then I guess your body would then start to crave it - a bit like when your trying to stop eating peanut butter lol or diet coke ;)). My treats as a kid were the 10p mixes I would get for cleaning the car ''inside and out'' *for what felt like a life time may I add lol*... but it was a shore fire way my mum and dad would get some ''peace'' lol and we would work our bums off to clean that car just to get those ''tuffys'' lol which are sweets to me ... Then my dad would pull out some coins for me and my sister and that was it... straight to the shop (together of course, so we were 'safe'' lol and all our friends had to ask their mums and dads before they could come too, which when you are wanting to go to the shop in a nano second took FOREVER - but you knew it was more exciting leaving the street together so you waited of course :D ) Off to the shop in mass we would go, some friends had managed to get 10p too so we were so giddy, it was such an adventure :D. We would open the door and the bell would go and Joyce would come and smile at us and we would just be in ore at the choice we could have, if felt like we could pick enough sweets to last us a lifetime and share them with everyone we knew, you know the ones, black jacks etc... who knew a sweet that turned your tongue black could give you SOOOO much pleasure :D & Joyce always gave us a few more to go on :) - we got a lot for our 10pence back then :D. For those of you that have no idea what I am taking about I guess its like chore money etc... I don't think I ever got any money for doing just nothing *thinks* Nope... in some way we always earned it :)). We were taught to earn our money and we did it in the ways every kid did, from carrying my dads golf clubs round 18 holes for 20pence a hole at 6am !! and then sitting watching him play cards for a lifetime until we went home to the most amazing sunday dinner lovingly cooked by my mum - veg, mash, carrots and Swede, brussels, green beans all using every bowl in the house (of course) and you could only just see my mum for steam in the kitchen some days :D but we would be able to pick and choose what we wanted and nothing got left .. ever!! .. of course the piste el resistance... the Yorkshire puddings that sometimes came out the size of a house - which was annoying as you wanted them but you also wanted other food too ha ha ... and sometimes .. well, lets just say they never made it past the bin :D , it's all in the oven temp my dad would say  lol.. very rare he cooked anything that wasn't restaurant standard, we were very blessed and lucky to have amazing parents who loved us very much & we knew it & we were happy being innocent kids that didn't wear make up or were allowed out just wandering the streets until midnight, we didn't even have TV's in our rooms until we were 15 at least and then we hardly watched it as we were always out in the fresh air !! .. anyway, then, after dinner, of course, we would have to , wash dry and put away (every single bowl and pan and the horrible tray that the meat was cooked on lol...) !! and then my dad would let us watch the telly as long as we woke him up for bullseye :D, which coincidentally even if we didn't wake him up from his snoring lol he would somehow know it was on, and immediately wake up just at that moment anyway ..*sigh* dads house, dads rules lol.. out to play we went :D lol... his internal clock never missed a bit of bully. (ps, I'm sorry if you don't know what I'm talking about lol). So I guess what I am trying to share in a very random and round about way is this.... I don't know my weight, I know roughly what I am, and what I sit at, and if I weighed more but still felt firm and fit and healthy and most importantly nice in my skin, then I would be happy with that too :)) ..... I don't really like the scales they are the enemy to me, as when you are around fitness a lot you can see that sometimes they can have a negative impact, just like today .....If that girl hadn't have got on those scales today she would have just been happy that she had lost inches, which I'm sure was 'her' goal, if the scales said less weight but her clothes went up a size though, I'm pretty sure she would have been very unimpressed by that as well !? So why was it that the scales and the number on it determined how she felt ?? How I look and feel in my own body and in my clothes is all I need to know :)) - I guess that's from how I was raised, or just what works best for me .. maybe a mix of everything, who knows :)).  I do know that those numbers can do more damage than good in some cases though. I have met some people who become obsessed with weighing themselves and loosing weight that they physically stop eating. This is the worse thing you can so as your body thinks you are starving it, so it holds on to your fat to store it for you - it's trying to keep you alive and acting as a life preserver... you need to fuel with good foods and let your body use the fat stores, but this involves eating right and training hard :)) .... And please remember, as you lift more, the harder you push, the more muscles you get the more you will weight until we kick the fats ass. But you will be left with some gorgeous muscle tone (which is heavier than fat remember, but looks sexier). You have to east fresh produce and good clean foods .... and train hard.. keep portion's small. Try to start to listen to your bodies own internal clock - keep going and in time the body you want will come, it took a while to gain the weight you keep messaging me that you want to loose, so it will take a while to get rid of it :)) ... Stay with me and make it a lifestyle choice and I promise you will see changes :)). I hope this helps a bit somehow... I really want those who are struggling as they see the scales go up to realize that this is normal and please be patient and believe in making this a lifestyle choice, not to get ''lean'' or ''ripped'' but just because you have one body and you should look after it as best you can, like an expensive sports car... only give it the best fuel so it performs to its best all the time every-time. I really am here for you ..... and want to see you succeed in all you want and all you dream off, but you have to give me the effort & time to allow these things to happen :)). Stay with me :)) & Stay Positive, healthy and happy :)) L xx Click Here for More Inspiration   [gallery columns="4" ids="|"]

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