Don't let your healthy lifestyle take a vacation when you do!

It seems that majority of people's diets and healthy routines go out the window when they travel and go on holidays. But it doesn't have to be that way!

As I type this from a quaint Internet cafe in the heart of Cartagena, Colombia in South America I have the experience first hand. I am a long way from home, my kitchen, my foods, my gym and my routine. It can be very difficult when in a foreign country to not indulge in all they have to offer everyday, all day, especially at all inclusive resorts and fall off of routine that you were on. I have been living by a few guidelines that can help anyone who is travelling abroad stick to a healthy diet and lifestyle.

For one, I am an intermittent faster. Without getting into the details of my diet and lifestyle...lets just say I stop eating around 8pm, skip breakfast, and eat lunch around 12 or 1PM. You don't have to do this but you should try and keep it light in the mornings and throughout the day because on vacations most people will consume a large amount of calories later on in the day around suppertime.

Here are my guidelines:

1) Eat very light in the mornings. Coffee, a few fruits and vegetables is about all you should have. You should try and consume only 20-30% of you daily calories throughout the day, saving the rest for later. Most people are over shooting their fat and carb intake by well over 100% each day on vacations. If it tastes sweet there's sugar in it (carbs) and if it tastes like butter or oil there's fat in it. So keep it light and save those calories for later on!

2) Get active! I truly enjoy finding new gyms in foreign countries to work out at. It's great experience and most places you can drop in for free or for a small fee. I have trained in gyms much nicer than mine, and some with dirt floors in Thailand, its all part of the experience! For example I worked out at Bodytech gym, which is the nicest gym in Bogota yesterday, and today at a much smaller local gym in a poorer area; and in both places I had a great workout!

3) No gym, no problem! Go for a run, find some space and do a Bodyweight workout, anywhere to get active for 30 min is exactly what you need!

4) If you're in a tropical destination enjoy some fruits and a light lunch post workout, but do not eat all you can, especially at an all inclusive as tempting as it may be. Suppertime is where most people will have large meals with families and friends at either a la carts or local restaurants. After all you are on vacation so be sure to enjoy these times.

5) It's a vacation so don't sweat the fact that you're not exactly on the same routine as you were back home. Enjoy your time, stay active, watch what you are eating, and above all have fun!!!

The coolest thing to witness and be part of is that fitness is a worldwide movement and to be part of that in other countries is an exceptional experience!





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