Don't Quit So Easily

The choice is yours. Life has a design and sometimes it's uncertain. Nobody is going to give you what you want. It's going to take sweat equity, determination, courage, desire and tears!

You have had a plan but you are always changing your plan every other month. You may be dealing with a bad day, personal problems, or negative ned chomping on your back side. You get frustrated, discouraged, and along the way your plan doesn't go accorndingly. This isn't just in the living room working out with us. I'm talking about all facets of the life.

It's to easy just give up now. People give up on things like they change their underwear. Don't quit on something until you have explored every avenue. I have been guilty of giving up on things. Believe me I don't have a golden halo around my head. Change can be good it's new and exciting. Much like perfect timing, fresh starts make us feel warm and fuzzy inside. Just how many times do you want to be engaged with the new and exciting? Just like building and maintaining your physical condition the hardest thing is conditioning the mind to be sound and strong.



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